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MyStore Features

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited categories and subcategories and assign products to them.

Unlimited Products

It doesn't matter if you have 1 product or 1 million products, MyStore has you covered.

Special Offers

Create special offers with coupons, discounts, customer groups or on orders and offer free shippings etc.

Payment and Shipping Options

Most online shoppers prefer to pay by credit cart and ship the product directly to their doors. MyStore provides a multiple of payment and shipping options including payment by credit card, PayPal and Australian Post.

Real-Time Reports

Built-in real time reports give you a picture of your whole store's everyday activity. It includes sales, inventory, customers and marketing reports.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With a powerful ecommerce engine in place, your MyStore is search optimised allowing your products to be indexed by all major search engines thanks to custom category and product META tags.

Multilingual System - Speaks Your Language
Default System Language - English


We'll add any of the following additional languages based on your request.

  •  Chinese (Simplified),  Chinese (Traditional)
  •  Dutch
  •  English AU
  •  French
  •  German
  •  Hungarian
  • Indonesian,  Italian
  •  Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish,  Portuguese
  • Romanian
  •  Thai,  Turkish

More Than Just an Ecommerce Store, It's B2B Ready

Your MyStore enables you to manage your store as a Business to Business (B2B) based model. It's perfect for those who are running a warehouse for product distribution, manufacturer direct wholesalers, suppliers selling to resellers, and auto parts etc.


Set your store to only display prices to logged in customers.


Quantity Discounts allows you to easily apply quantity price breaks for each product based on a minimum quantity.


Define different customers groups such as default, retail or wholesale or whatever the group name you think fit, and set different prices for each group.

Why Ecommerce

Online shopping revenue has grown to 8.9% of traditional retail (FY17/18)

According to Australia Post market updates, two years ago was huge for online shopping with Australians spending AUD$24 billion on physical goods. This unprecedented growth saw online shopping rise by 8.9 per cent in 2018, compared to AUD$21.3 billion in 2017.

While ecommerce increasing indicates that retail customers are growing more comfortable with ecommerce and online engagement, B2B companies are being forced to fundamentally rethink how, when and why they engage customers and support their needs with dynamic commerce infrastructure.

Having an online store not only increases your product management but also improves your customer service and puts your business in a win-win situation, ensuring you maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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