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Template Details:

  • Template name: ACTechnology
  • Template category: Computer & Technology
    It can be customised for any categories
  • Default language: English
    MyStore is a multilingual system so you can add more for your needs
  • Default currency: Australia
    You can easily change it with a few clicks from your MyStore back-end
  • Website Width

  • Homepage slideshow: Full width/Screen width
  • Website Color Scheme

  • Black, Light Gray and a touch of Red, Blue and Lime
  • Hex color codes: #000000, #F2F2F2, #CC0001, #3A7CCA, #669900
  • RGB color codes: rgb(0, 0, 0), rgb(242, 242, 242), rgb(204, 0, 1), rgb(50, 124, 202), rgb(102, 153, 0)

Inside Downloaded Packages:

Downloaded packages include one compressed file of your MyStore, Read Me First and Licenses. The 'Read me first' includes the installation instructions and server requirement of your MyStore.

Your MyStore comes with an AC-Template Installer which enables one click installation without purchasing or searching for a free third party tools to transfer and install your MyStore to your web server.

MyStore Packages

MyStore One Time Payment Package $1280

MyStore Hosted Packages starts as low as $1.23/day

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